Clatford Amateur Dramatic Society


WITH all the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood Oscars the Clatford Amateur Dramatic Society pulled off an outrageously funny evening with the Golden Lobster Awards.

Cleverly devised by CADS scriptwriters Sharon Colpman and Alan Willens, the spoof awards ceremony used a slick combination of live stage action and previously recorded video clips to portray some of the most popular screen idols and much loved films.

Best Actress was collected by Scarlet O'Haricot (Lynn Brown) for her performance in Gone with the Wind. Best Actor was Dodger Bannister (David Grey) for his role in Chariots of Fire.

A Lifetime Achievement Award was graciously accepted by Sir Michael Caine played by Ted Brown.

Best Comedy was picked up by the Matron (Cliff Tucker) for Carry on Matron and Best War film was Bridge On the River Kwai collected by Hito Heado (Holly Jeffery-Goodall). Best Film Ever went to Sister Aggie (Janet Smith) on behalf of the cast of The Sound of Music.

John Roberts-Davies finds himself in tricky position in a scene from Zulu, with David Benwell and Ted Brown.

All the winners were invited to collect their lobster awards and made blissfully brief and amusing speeches. But why lobsters? Well, ever since a lobster prop used in an earlier show was kidnapped and held to ransom, the creature has been a treasured mascot and appeared in all CADS shows. Watch out for it next time!

Marilyn Hillier sings a song from The Sound of Music watched by Lord Oscar (Dennis Newnham) and nuns Janet Smith and Peter Bray.

Batman (Peter Smith) and Robin (David Benwell) announce one of the awards.

Directed and produced largely by Cliff and Alwyn Tucker, who also had parts to play, the cast of 30+ more than delivered the promised evening of laughter and surprises. They left their audiences with aching ribs and begging for more.

Many congratulations to the cast, who put everything into two sell-out performances, and the talented crew, especially Chris Upchurch for his stunning set and John Roberts-Davies for the filming of some of the nominations.

. CADS would like to thank everyone who entered into the spirit of the evening by 'dressing up to the nines' and all the behind the scenes helpers without whom a production of this scale would not be possible.

Lynn Brown, David Grey, Sharon Colpman, Cliff Tucker, Andrew Wilkins and Pat Carter sail along in In Which We Serve.

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